About Us

Hello and Welcome!

Thank you for considering me as the officiant to preform your ceremony for you on your wedding day—a joyous day to be filled with memories that will last a life time. Your family and friends will be there to support you and to bear witness to your commitment and pledge of love. I pledge to help guide you through an exciting journey that will forever enrich your new life together.

My Experience

I was honored to be the officiant at my son’s wedding.  Standing before my son and his wife brought me tremendous joy – but more importantly, his reasoning behind asking me to perform their ceremony still resonates deeply within me.

As my son and his wife imagined their wedding ceremony, one desire continued to surface – they wanted a ceremony to be a “reflection of who they were as a couple.”  They wanted someone who would “talk about their commitment to each other ; the importance a friendship has in a relationship as well as sentiments about their journey prior to their wedding day.”  They knew that my beliefs were sacred to me; however the day was about them and their desire to personalize their ceremony – their way.  

After my son’s wedding, I began to receive requests from a variety of couples asking me to help personalize ceremonies that would mirror their personalities and interests.  Beginning with the introduction and concluding with my personal best wishes at the close of the ceremony. I am offering you the same, uniqually cherished experience.

In choosing me to be a part of your wedding ceremony, I will focus on getting to know all about you and what experience you’d like to have on your wedding day. I will be available 24/7 to answer questions and prepare a ceremony tailored to your needs and unique circumstances. My hope is that when you talk with me in the months before your ceremony, you will view me as part of your new-found “extended family” who is there to support you with kindness and understanding.

I reached the decision to offer my services to couples like you after over 20 years of experience in the public arena where I enhanced my ability to meet the needs of people from all backgrounds, ages and cultures. For example, prior to my current profession of performing wedding ceremonies, I was trained as a mediator working one-on-one with individuals to reach agreement on a variety of interpersonal issues. In this regard, I was a volunteer mediator in New Jersey in Franklin Township and Hamilton Township and currently volunteer in Phillipsburg. I also remain on the New Jersey State roster of mediators and am called to mediate for the courts, including on complex housing foreclosures which can be extremely stressful to the individuals requiring my help.   I become their advocate, “counselor” and understanding shoulder to lean on. I receive a great deal of satisfaction in doing so.

With respect to performing marriage ceremonies, I was fortunate to start out as an assistant minister and trained by the foremost wedding officiant in New Jersey, the Reverend John Graf, whose skills, sensitivity and vast experience are highly regarded.  I am well-prepared to assist you in creating a wonderful, warm and loving ceremony that will forever be remembered.  I will strive to make your day joyful, intimate and a beautifully moving experience to your family and friends and especially - you.

I look forward to discussing how best I might be of service to you. Please call me at 908-930-4534 or contact me at hermanvolk3@gmail.com.  Thank you.

Reverend Herman Volk